Wanderlust Withdrawal

When the travel bug bites it’s really hard to ignore. We’re talking incessant, itchy, annoying feelings. Are you familiar?

1. Can’t sit still to save your life. This may look like foot or pencil tapping, spinning in your chair, pacing, or regaling your coworkers with stories about the last trip you took. Stories that they have definitely heard for the hundredth time.

2. Any downtime is exploring destinations and airfare, bus fare, road trip directions, and places to stay.

3. Constant dreaming and daydreaming about the next trip. Even if you don’t have one actually planned so you look through your photo library constantly.

4. Time seemingly slows down to a crawl that physically ails you.

5. Any excuse to get away from where you live or work is jumped on. Hikes, kayaking, nature or anything in between until you can take that next adventure.

If any of these look familiar, you may be suffering wanderlust withdrawal. As a medical professional I highly recommend some time in nature and the immediate planning of your next adventure!!!


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